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Precisa 680 for Cheese applications

PRECISA® 680 - 06421109

Affordability Benefit Platform

A breakthrough in cheesemaking

Reduce costs and improve yield without compromising texture or whey stream

Expand your cheesemaking horizons. Now with PRECISA® 680 starch, a breakthrough solution that’s added to milk at the onset of the traditional cheesemaking process, you can reduce recipe costs and increase yield in your cheese products, Greek style yogurts, quark and cream cheese-type products – while preserving your valuable whey stream and giving consumers the texture they crave. 

  • For manufactures using the traditional cheesemaking process (whey separation)
  • Increase yield without compromising whey stream
  • Optimize milk solids and costs – with a non-GMO starch solution that is retained in the cheese curd
  • Maintain or improve cheese texture and functionality
  • No process change needed – easy to incorporate into the traditional cheese manufacturing process with no capital investment required 

Give consumers the cheesy goodness they love – for less.

By adding PRECISA® 680 starch to milk at the onset of the manufacturing process, you can increase yield by 8 to 10%. In testing, more than 90% of PRECISA® 680starch – vs. roughly half of competing starches – is retained in the cheese curd, providing attractive yield improvement. You can also improve texture while maintaining functional attributes such as shred, stretch and melt in cheese products used in pizza applications.

Improve yield and texture in fresh cheese products and Greek style yogurts that use a straining process

Achieve a richer, smoother mouthfeel in Greek-style yogurt, fresh cheese products (e.g. quark) and cream-cheese-type products – increasing your competitive advantage. In testing, up to 90% of PRECISA® 680 starch is retained in the fresh cheese products (e.g. quark) with no starch going into the whey, providing attractive yield improvement of up to 10%.

Improve yield and texture in cheese and yogurts

The experts of Ingredion Idea Labs™ science-based problem solving have a deep knowledge of starch technologies and a strong understanding of the cheese manufacturing process. Combined, these areas of expertise help us to identify what drives higher retention levels of starch in cheese applications and how to improve final functionality through the use of starch – which means more highly functional and cost-efficient cheese products for you and exciting cheese products for consumers.  Look to Ingredion to help you give consumers the texture of cheesy goodness.

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Revolutionize your cheesemaking

Reduce costs and preserve your valuable whey stream and texture with PRECISA® 680 starch.

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