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NOVATION PRIMA® 609 certified organic functional native corn starches


Extend organic appeal, even in harsh processing conditions

Now you can simplify labels and create organic products full of visual, sensory and cost appeal — even in food systems that require harsh processing conditions and/or need cold temperature stability with NOVATION PRIMA® 309 and 609 certified organic functional native corn starches.

The new organic functional native corn starches can provide the functionality of traditional modified starches with a competitive, organic, clean label edge. The organic starches give a comparable viscosity and gel strength to modified starches, but with a simple, “organic corn starch” label. The starches provide cold temperature stability and create a smooth, short texture that once cooked, does not set to a gel or cause syneresis, even after a few freeze/thaw cycles. And for even harsher processing in demanding applications, NOVATION PRIMA 309 organic functional starch can be used. 

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Allergen PDF 83 KB
Country of Origin Statement PDF 88 KB
GFSI Certificate PDF 109 KB
GFSI Certificate PDF 108 KB
GMO Status PDF 136 KB
Gluten Statement PDF 79 KB
Halal PDF 2 MB
ISO 9001 Certificate PDF 220 KB
Ingredient Statement PDF 38 KB
Kosher PDF 849 KB
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Label Images PDF 475 KB
Organic PDF 152 KB
Organic PDF 132 KB
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Technical Specification PDF 91 KB
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Meet consumer appeal

A certified organic, functional, cold-temperature stable corn starch.


In 2017, total U.S. organic food sales reached $45.2 billion, a growth of 6.4% from the prior year, out-pacing the total food sales growth of 1.1% during the same period. And, when taking “fresh foods” out of the picture (fruit, vegetables, dairy, eggs, meat, poultry and fish), sales came to $21.1 billion.1 Create organic products that appeal. NOVATION PRIMA 309 and 609 organic functional corn starches can be used in a wide range of applications, including:

  • Refrigerated soups
  • Refrigerated/ frozen ready meals
  • Sauces
  • Yogurts
  • Non-dairy yogurts and drinks
  • Non-dairy desserts
  • Ice creams
  • Puddings
  • Fruit preparations
  • Baby foods

NOVATION PRIMA 309 and 609 organic functional corn starches are certified organic by Quality Assurance International and can be used in “Organic” or “Certified Organic” processed foods in the U.S. and Canada.

[1] 2018 Organic Industry Survey, Organic Trade Association, 1/25/2018–3/26/2018 (consumer sales).


Take advantage of our two decades of experience in clean label leadership and broad ingredient portfolio to reformulate your products for simpler labels while delivering the taste, texture and performance you need to stay competitive. And make sure your clean and simple products are delicious with our applications, CULINOLOGY® capabilities and shelf-ready concepts help you meet the trends and get to market quickly.

Now you can answer rising demand for “free-from” products that meet health requirements such as gluten-free and lifestyle preferences — without compromising on taste, texture and functionality with our ingredients and expertise. Collaborate with us and contact our clean label experts today.

CULINOLOGY is a registered trademark of the Research Chefs Association. Used with permission.

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