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The clean label functionality you need—in an instant

Creating clean label foods with extended cold shelf life stability has been challenging. Here to solve your challenges are two new NOVATION® functional native starches: NOVATION PRIMA® 340 instant starch and its easy-to-disperse counterpart, NOVATION PRIMA® 350 instant starch.

With NOVATION PRIMA® 340 instant starch, your instant applications will keep their indulgent textures from freezer to fridge and back again. Formulation is easier too with improved tolerance to acid and shear, and the ease of use you’ve been asking for.

Fresh appeal and clean labels too

Your clean label horizons can really expand when you replace modified starch with NOVATION PRIMA® 340 instant starch in applications, including:

  • Refrigerated dressings 
  • Dips and spreads
  • Tomato pizza sauces
  • Glazes and marinades
  • Cream and fruit pie fillings
  • Fresh pasta fillings
  • Frozen and refrigerated prepared meals
  • Instant dairy desserts

Functional, sensory and production benefits

With NOVATION PRIMA® 340 instant starch, you can achieve extended shelf life in the freezer or refrigerator and ensure textural consistency for a quality eating experience. You can also reduce cooking times or eliminate cooking in some formulations and cut overall production costs.

Talk to us about achieving smooth, indulgent textures and simple labels with the latest addition to the trusted NOVATION® starch family. 

NOVATION PRIMA® 350 instant starch: for high dispersion requirements

In instant soups, sauces and other applications where ease of dispersion is essential, count on NOVATION PRIMA® 350 instant starch. It provides the same cold shelf life stability and process tolerance as NOVATION PRIMA® 340 instant starch but with faster dispersion in a wide range of applications.

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