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NATIONAL™ 4302 modified food starch

NATIONAL™ 4302 modified food starch is derived from corn. It provides an economical base for batter systems and it is designed to impart a range of textural properties to battered and fried food products, specifically in clear coat batters.

This product is available under Ingredion Incorporated’s TRUETRACE® Identity Preserved Program for non-GM products.
Technical Documents
Document Type Format Size
Allergen PDF 81 KB
Batch Code PDF 64 KB
Country of Origin Statement PDF 87 KB
GFSI Certificate PDF 427 KB
GMO Status PDF 106 KB
Gluten Statement PDF 77 KB
Halal PDF 291 KB
ISO 9001 Certificate PDF 156 KB
Ingredient Statement PDF 37 KB
Kosher PDF 123 KB
Technical Specification PDF 86 KB
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SDS Documents
Region Language Size
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Crispy and crunchy batters and breadings

Looking for that “just right” texture for a batter and breaded chicken, fish or veggie? 

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