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Foodservice sugar reduction solutions that perfectly balance taste, texture and performance

We offer our foodservice partners a complete sugar reduction toolkit, for a wide range of applications like beverages, desserts, sauces and dressings. This comprehensive product portfolio includes sweeteners and texturizers that not only provide the sweetness customers expect, but also replace the bulk, browning, texture and functionality that sugar provides.

Find just-right sweetness to create on-trend menu items, from seasonal iced teas, smoothies and coffee beverages to indulgent dessert LTOs. Benefit from our innovative solutions like stevia sweeteners that come right from the leaf. Or replace cane sugar and syrups with our new allulose solution—our breakthrough low-calorie sucrose alternative.

Our comprehensive product portfolio gives you the added confidence of getting all your sugar reduction solutions conveniently through a single supplier—one with the size and scale to deliver advanced technical resources, foodservice intelligence and exceptional service at every touchpoint.

Helping you efficiently reduce or replace sugar
in your food and beverage products

Download our ideas2solutions brief: Sugar Reduction Opportunities For Foodservice

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