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Elevate your menu. Lower your costs.

Ingredion has the foodservice expertise, technology and innovative solutions to make your menu options more affordable, without compromising important sensory properties — the creamy, zesty, crispy aspects of various recipes that make your food choices so appealing to patrons.

Challenged with reducing cream, reducing tomato solids or increasing hold times to keep fries crispy longer? Check out the case studies below to see how we help chains meet their budgets while maintaining the flavor and texture experiences patrons demand and deserve

Serving up affordable, delicious
foodservice solutions

      Cream reductions

          Learn how to cut cream, without cutting creaminess.

      Tomato solid replacements

          Discover the secret to saucy goodness, using less tomato solids.

      French fry coatings

          Find out how the right coating can keep fries crispy longer.

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Reduce costs without reducing quality

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