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Get the most out of your meats

You want to deliver the succulent meat products that consumers love and solve the challenges of creating them—plus get all the functional, nutritional and labeling benefits that will make your products stand out. You don’t have to compromise—and neither do consumers. When you work with us, you can replace fat, improve yield, simplify your label, enhance texture, manage moisture, and improve cold temperature stability and shelf life in your processed meat, fish and poultry products. Explore our broad range of starches and hydrocolloid-based solutions to address these needs while providing tender, juicy and delicious meat and meat analogues. Work with us to:

  • Increase yield
  • Manage moisture
  • Remove phosphates for a cleaner label
  • Create an eating experience and texture that satisfies
  • Replace fat to improve nutritional value 

Get juicier products with no flavor interference with our unique starches designed for injection and tumbled meat marinades – and save money through increased yields. Plus, your products will have better storage stability and hold up to many freeze/thaw cycles while maintaining their juicy bite. Or deliver the appeal of clean and simple labels without compromising quality or your bottom line.

  • Develop marinades that help you increase yield, improve firmness and bite without flavor interference, and reduce in-package purge for a higher-quality appearance with PENBIND® modified potato starches and FIRM-TEX® modified waxy corn starches.
  • “No additives/preservatives” labeling is one of the strongest consumer draws in meats and poultry. With N-HANCE 59® and NOVATION® 2700 functional native starches and PENPURE® 37 and  PENPURE® 10 native starches, you can remove phosphates and deliver higher yields and succulence—all with simple ingredients that support a clean label.

Improve the firmness and the chew of your meat while maintaining great flavor. You'll get a product that has a longer shelf life and tastes perfectly juicy and flavorful while saving costs by increasing yields.

  • Replace fat to improve nutritional value by using  PENGEL®  8 modified potato starch gel for a high-quality, succulent and tender product that gives consumers a bite that  mimics  real fat – but without the calories, saturated fat or cholesterol.
  • Significantly improve product yields, save money and get the perfect bite and firmness by using our PENBIND® 1000 modified potato starch and FIRM-TEX® waxy corn starches to achieve the perfect balance of emulsion stability and texture.

Use our starches in ground and formed meat to help increase yields and maintain moisture without affecting flavor. You can also reduce fat while maintaining the meaty taste, texture, shape and structure consumers expect.

  • Bind moisture and fat in your product to provide the structure and texture consumers want with PENBIND® 1560 modified corn starch and PENBIND® 1700 modified waxy corn starch.
  • Reduce fat and improve the nutritional profile of products, without compromising appearance and taste with PENGEL®  8 starch gel.
  • Optimize processing and improve machinability by creating just-right, firm textures and improved moisture control with less stickiness.

Meet growing demand for non-GMO, soy-free alternative meat products with the meat-like texture and nutritional benefits today’s consumers want. Our broad portfolio of differentiated plant-based protein sources includes VITESSENCE™ Pulse proteins from pea, lentil and faba bean and HOMECRAFT® Pulse flours. They are sustainable, non-GMO, and deliver excellent blending, water absorption and emulsification properties. 

Ingredion brings you all the expertise you need to create on-trend, consumer-winning meat and alternative meat products and get them to market faster. Collaborate with the meat experts of Ingredion Idea Labs™ innovation centers to deliver the delicious and affordable meat products today’s consumers want – and help solve your scale-up challenges so you can launch your new product quickly and cost-efficiently. Make sure your processed meats, formed products and meat alternatives are delicious with our applications and CULINOLOGY® capabilities. These capabilities allow us to quickly translate your goals into workable prototypes for winning formulations. And with our DIAL-IN® Texture Technology, you can precisely match benchmark textures, build back texture when ingredients are added or removed, or create brand-new signature textures for new products or line extensions.

Partner with us to find the ingredient solutions you’re looking for.

CULINOLOGY is a registered trademark of the Research Chefs Association. Used with permission.

Clean up your chicken

Increase succulence and yield without phosphates and modified starches. 

Create meaty goodness

Meat knowhow and ingredients you can sink your teeth into 

Improve nutritional value

Try PENGEL® 8 fat mimetic, a fully hydrated modified potato starch gel, to reduce fat in your meats. 

PRECISA® carrageenan solutions

Achieve custom textures sustainably and create unique eating experiences.

Clean up your labels

Keep labels clean and consumers happy with our specialty ingredients. 

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