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Optimize texture in your snacks

Set your snacks apart from the crowd    

When it comes to snacks, consumers want the right mix of irresistible tastes and textures, and they want healthier options they can feel good about eating. Translate consumer desires into delectable creations with Ingredion’s snack texturizers, pulse proteins and flours, fibers, and more.

Boost the nutritional content of your snacks with our our continually growing portfolio of plant-based, clean label pulse proteins and flours, or add fiber, digestive and weight management benefits. And you can deliver the crunchy, crispy, chewy snacking experiences consumers crave. Whatever snacks you produce, you can meet the trends, from Health & Nutrition to Clean & Simple and more, with our broad portfolio of ingredient solutions and formulation expertise.    

Achieve the just-right textures that make all the difference in snacks. Create products ranging from tender and delicate crispy textures to snapping or shattering crunchy textures — and in between to a new region we call CRINCHY™ textures. Choose from a core of proven baked snack texturizers for your sheeted cracker and fabricated chip texture needs.

Not crunchy or crispy but CRINCHY

Learn how a baked potato crisp manufacturer transformed texture.

Create light and crispy extruded snacks. Our portfolio of snack ingredients allows you to control expansion while differentiating the texture of your products. In addition, you can create better-for-you snacks that are lower in fat — because they aren’t fried — and fortify your snacks with ingredients that address consumer health and wellness trends, including plant-based proteins, dietary fibers, resistant starches and more.

Set your snacks apart

Get snacks that snap, shatter, crunch and satisfy

Trim fat and calories in your baked snacks or create a non-GMO, gluten-free or vegan version while maintaining the same great texture with our snack texturizers. Or reduce breakage and save money with our starches, which create the binding power needed to prevent snack breakage and fractures—so your products will be delivered to the consumer looking just the way they did when you sent them out. Whatever your challenges in baked snacks, rely on our ingredients and expertise to help you solve them.

Optimize baked snacks

Create baked snacks with enhanced textures, optimal expansion and reduced breakage.

Add the nutritional benefits of pulse proteins to a wide range of cereals and cereal bars to address demand for plant-based, protein-rich, clean label products. Plentiful and sustainably sourced, VITESSENCE® Pulse proteins can boost the nutritional profile of your formulations and help support popular label claims such as non-GMO, gluten-free and low allergen.

Nutritional bars are becoming mainstream products driven by a healthy image. When you work with us, you can deliver everything consumers want, from satisfying texture to reduced sugar, higher protein and fiber, and fewer unrecognizable ingredients. Find out how our snack texturizers, pulse proteins, snack fibers, a slowly digestible carbohydrate, and  resistant starches and more can benefit your nutritional bar formulations.

Get nutritional bars just right  

Take the DIAL-IN® approach to winning products. 

Uncover consumers’ snack preferences 

From the most-wanted textures to the top label claims, find out what chip and cracker consumers really want.

Flourish with plant-based proteins

Our plant-based proteins and expertise help you create on-trend, in-demand foods for today and tomorrow.

Get the scoop...

Meet our snack texture experts

Formulating in-demand snacks: How to create the textures consumers want today

Crack down on breakage

Reduce breakage in sheeted snacks with an ingredient approach.

Create gluten-free goodness

Gluten-free that’s so good that you can’t tell it’s gluten-free. 


Better processing, from ingredients to scale-up. 

Plant the future

Watch and discover how Ingredion is reshaping the future of plant-based proteins.

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