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Ideas to paper

Putting better ideas into paper

The right strength and softness. Enhanced surface printability.  Higher quality paper that’s less costly to produce.  The creative papermaking experts of Ingredion can help you deliver the tissue, packaging and fine paper products your customers want—more cost-effectively than ever before. With decades of mill experience, our technical experts and broad portfolio of specialty starches and additives can help you achieve new levels of productivity.

You have different demands associated with coated and uncoated printing and writing papers. That's why we offer solutions that can exceed the needs of everyone from the budget-conscious producer to the mill producing ultra-high premium grades. And we'll partner with you to analyze and develop solutions for the entire process: from wet-end to size press and coater to water-box applications. 

You can achieve improved productivity and cost-effectiveness with products for your barrier, strength and printability requirements with help from Ingredion. From robust wet-end solutions that drive basis weight optimization and drainage and retention improvements to smarter binder and surface solutions delivering greater performance and value, our experts bring their deep understanding of packaging and starch chemistry to your challenges.  


We have an extensive line of products for wet-end and surface treatment to help manufacturers producing oil- and grease-resistant grades such as food wrap, fry scoops and microwave popcorn paper, as well as manufacturers making sack kraft.


Look to our cost-effective, high performance solutions to address your productivity, strength and surface demands. Our wet-end products work effectively in challenging recycled fiber environments to deliver the strength needed to achieve reductions in finished board weight. Our high solids binder solutions help you build a better coating as a result of improved water holding and less binder migration.

Make the switch to one of our additives and see how it adds up to the best solution for your tissue, napkin and paper towel production. With our liquid additives you can:

  • Decrease refining energy, delivering bulk and softness
  • Optimize fiber composition without sacrificing quality
  • Reduce linting and dusting for a cleaner, safer mill
  • Achieve improved turnup performance and wet-end runnability for improved machine efficiency and higher profits    

How soft can strong be?

Now you can deliver the soft and strong tissues customers want.

How strong can light be?

Produce stronger, lighter linerboard with plant-based high-charge additives.

Barriers that perform

Holdout against grease and oil with FilmKOTE™ specialty surface starches.

Can a binder brighten appearance?

Elevate your coating appearance and print performance with PEN-COTE™ D coating binder.

Corrugating experience to help you grow

Answer the challenges with our expertise and performance solutions. With starch solutions, performance additives and wet strength resins, we can help you boost performance.

Innovate to save money

Discover holistic savings throughout your operation with Ingredion. 

Save money in manufacturing

Create better products more efficiently. 

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