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Natural Adhesives

Go green and save with eco-friendly adhesives

What if you could access nature-derived liquid adhesives that matched—or surpassed—the performance of synthetics? With Ingredion, you can. We offer eco-friendly adhesives that provide both flexibility and customization—with multiple tack levels for various applications and the ability to customize by solids, viscosity and molecular weight.

When laminating two, three or four plies of substrates together, whether it’s paper or board, meet or exceed your performance needs with our PENLAM® adhesive product line. We offer products that are natural and made from renewable resources to replace synthetic adhesives. With no VOCs, easier cleanup and lower cost compared to synthetic, there are plenty of reasons to prefer PENLAM® adhesive products.

Over the years that we’ve offered starches for corrugating adhesives, the industry has changed. Corrugating and converting equipment have become faster and regulations have tightened. But our commitment to delivering superior quality from batch to batch has remained constant. Turn to our starch solutions and years of expertise for consistent, top-notch corrugating adhesives. 

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