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Visit Ingredion at Engredea/Natural Products West Expo BOOTH #3217

Also stop by Emerging business booth #3139  and TIC Gums booth #3790


Bring your products to life with accepted ingredients that make your customers like and feel good about your products. Partner with Ingredion for BREAK THROUGH clean label solutions, from organic non-GMO sweeteners and functional native starches to flours, texturizers, pulse proteins, fibers and fruit and vegetable ingredients.

Today’s label conscious consumers want to get more from their foods and beverages. Discover how our nutritional solutions can help you reduce sugar, remove gluten, add value with a slowly digestible carbohydrate, prebiotic fiber, resistant starch or clean-taste pulse proteins, enabling claims backed by trusted research.

Develop appeal for all the senses. Eating is a multi-sensory and cultural experience and consumers are eating with all of their senses. Learn how our BREAK THROUGH texturizers and sweeteners can help you create sensory appeal from the label to the last bite.

DAILY MENU: Get a taste of our innovative solutions at work.

Can tubers make fudge sweet?

Reduce added-sugar with new Jicama juice concentrate.

Dip into smooth, simple texture

Try our new HOMECRAFT® multi-functional tapioca flours.

Can "carbs" add value to your bars?

Try SUSTRA™ slowly digestible carbohydrate & VERSASWEET™ low-sugar glucose syrup.

Can lemonade change perception?

Taste our ENLITEN® Reb M Stevia Leaf Sweetener & Kerr® Red Currant Juice Concentrate.


Get proven ingredients in quantities that work for your emerging company. Break through to innovation with a click.

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Meet the Gum Gurus who help make the complicated, simple. Solve texture, consistency and stability challenges to create products that appeal.

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