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New Clinical Research on Sustained Energy Response with SUSTRA™ 2434 Slowly Digestible Carbohydrate

Slowly digestible starch lowers glycemic response and produces steadier energy release

News Date : 12/05/2017

WESTCHESTER, Ill., Dec. 5, 2017 – Ingredion Incorporated, a leading global provider of ingredient solutions to diversified industries, today announced the results of a new clinical study of the sustained energy effects of SUSTRA™ 2434 slowly digestible carbohydrate. The study, published in the peer-reviewed scientific journal Nutrients, is the first to characterize physiological responses to the slowly digestible starch (SDS) in two different foods.

Glycemic Index Laboratories conducted the randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical study, which was funded by Ingredion. Researchers evaluated the blood glucose response of 14 healthy adults who ate study foods including cold-pressed bars and instant chocolate pudding made with SUSTRA 2434 slowly digestible carbohydrate, or a control bar made with maltodextrin and a control pudding made with dextrose. Foods formulated with SUSTRA 2434 slowly digestible carbohydrate were associated with a lower glucose response in the first 60 to 90 minutes following consumption, and a higher glucose response at two or more hours, suggesting steadily available energy.

“Having a lower glycemic response to food is an indicator of prolonged digestion and absorption, which helps to yield more balanced energy throughout the day,” says Vishnupriya Gourineni, global nutrition R&D scientist at Ingredion. “Ingredion’s proprietary research has shown that consumers are interested in foods that deliver steady energy, particularly from early morning to mid-afternoon. At the same time, consumers are seeking low glycemic index foods to help manage blood sugar. The balanced, more sustained energy that SUSTRA 2434 slowly digestible carbohydrate provides can help improve carbohydrate value in energy-focused nutritional foods, beverages and supplements.”

The open access article, written by Gourineni and others, was published in scientific journal Nutrients 9, no. 11: 1230, “Slowly Digestible Carbohydrate for Balanced Energy: In Vitro and In Vivo Evidence.” Visit for the full article.

About SUSTRA slowly digestible carbohydrate

SUSTRA 2434 slowly digestible carbohydrate is an innovative, easy-to-formulate ingredient that can enable claims such as “low glycemic index” and “sustained blood glucose.” In addition, it is gluten- and FODMAP-free and has no adverse osmotic or digestive tolerance effects. With its clean taste profile, sensory acceptance and appealing consistency, manufacturers can now easily develop convenient, consumer-desired energy products such as bars, shakes, mixes, snacks and supplements. Made from native corn starch and tapioca flour, SUSTRA 2434 slowly digestible carbohydrate has a simple label and is certified in conformity with Ingredion’s TRUETRACE® program for non-genetically modified ingredients. 

Ingredion has more than 100 years of technical expertise in the food and beverage industry and is a leader in carbohydrate nutrition science. To learn more about SUSTRA 2434 slowly digestible carbohydrate or find out how the experts at Ingredion Idea Labs® innovation centers use science-based problem-solving to boost the healthy appeal of products, contact Ingredion at 1-800-713-0208 or visit


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About Nutrients

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