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Ingredion Launches CORAGUM TCE® Thermal Conductivity Enhancer for Maximizing Speed of Heavyweight Board Production

New Performance Additive Helps Corrugators Improve Production Speeds with Faster Drying Adhesives

News Date : 10/27/2020

WESTCHESTER, Illinois, USA (October 27, 2020)Ingredion Incorporated, a leading global provider of ingredient solutions to diversified industries, today launched CORAGUM® TCE thermal conductivity enhancer, a new corrugating additive designed to accelerate adhesive drying and maximize production speeds for heavyweight boards, for the U.S. and Canada.

CORAGUM TCE thermal conductivity enhancer enables corrugated boards to dry rapidly with less heat while delivering greater productivity. Patent pending by the manufacturer, the unique additive is composed of nanotechnology microfibrils that easily disperse into starch-based corrugating adhesives and can dramatically increase heat transfer and water removal. CORAGUM TCE thermal conductivity enhancer is ideal for a number of heavyweight corrugating and papermaking applications, including multiwall board, heavyweight single wall board, high-density paper, heavyweight paper, specialty paper and more.

Today’s demand for corrugated boxes is driving manufacturers to uncover new ways to achieve faster production speeds for both new and legacy machines,” said Matthew McPeake, Ingredion’s director for Corrugating in the U.S. and Canada. “The launch of CORAGUM TCE thermal conductivity enhancer underscores how Ingredion is leveraging its decades of experience to help corrugators meet and exceed their productivity and performance targets with overall lower costs.”

CORAGUM TCE thermal conductivity enhancer can help corrugators achieve faster machine speeds by improving the thermal conductivity of adhesives, resulting in a faster drying rate and improved bond strength. This advancement allows for better performance and efficiency of heat-limited production processes that can’t effectively gel and dehydrate adhesives before stress impacts bond quality. In these cases, the additive can improve board properties resulting in flatter, drier boards with less score damage, blistering and delamination thereby reducing waste.

Ingredion’s thermal conductivity enhancer is particularly ideal for the production of double and triple wall boards and can improve performance of heavyweight and specialty papers that are typically difficult to bond. The liquid additive can be added to a run tank whenever needed and can be formulated in full batches (if dosing or run tanks are unavailable). On average, the additive requires one-tenth the dose of other performance additives, making it a highly efficient option for corrugators.

The launch of CORAGUM TCE thermal conductivity enhancer means that corrugators now have an easy way to increase the production speed and adhesive drying time of heavyweight boards,” said Roman Skuratowicz, Ingredion’s lead application specialist. “By adding CORAGUM TCE to adhesives, corrugators can reduce their fixed costs and expect to increase production speed on heavyweight grades by approximately 20-30% while improving the quality of their outputs.”


To learn more about CORAGUM TCE thermal conductivity enhancer, contact Ingredion at +1-800-713-0208 or and visit To attend a live, free webinar on CORAGUM TCE thermal conductivity enhancer, register for Ingredion’s upcoming “Tech Talk: What’s New” — a free virtual learning series that’s part of the 2021 SuperCorrExpo® (SCE) — on Thursday, October 29, 2020, from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. EDT, “Increasing Production Through Adhesive Thermal Conductivity.”   



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Ingredion Launches CORAGUM TCE® Thermal Conductivity Enhancer for Maximizing Speed of Heavyweight Board Production

Improve production speeds

Accelerate adhesive drying to maximize production speed with CORAGUM® TCE (Thermal Conductivity Enhancer).

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