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Harness the nutritional power of pulses

With pulse proteins and flours, you can meet some of the biggest and most important consumer trends in food and beverages, including nutrition and wellness, clean-label formulations and sustainable sourcing.

Pulses, which include dried peas, beans, lentils and chickpeas, are nutritional powerhouses, high in dietary fiber and protein and rich in micronutrients. Protein is a huge and growing trend among consumers, and pulses are an incredibly rich source. They’re also vegan, non-GMO and gluten-free. With our HOMECRAFT® Pulse flours and VITESSENCE® Pulse protein-based product ranges, you can add protein and fiber to cereals and snack foods, and replace costly eggs in baked goods. What’s more, they’re extremely cost effective in comparison to animal-based proteins.

Demand for products containing pulses is on the rise, and now is the time to capitalize on this increasingly significant staple. Sustainable in nature, pulses produce their own fertilizer by fixing nitrogen into the soil and use significantly less nonrenewable energy and water relative to other crops.

We offer a full range of on-trend pulse ingredients from one high-quality supplier. Our ingredient portfolio and innovation expertise can place you at the leading edge of the pulse revolution. Find out what the power of pulses can do for your products.

Meet the demand for protein-enriched, delicious foods with VITESSENCE® Pulse proteins

Plentiful and sustainably sourced, VITESSENCE® pulse proteins can boost the nutritional profile of your formulations and also help support popular label claims such as non-GMO, gluten-free, high protein and high fiber. Pulse proteins are also low in fat and can contribute to a smooth texture for a satisfactory eating or drinking experience. Pulse proteins come from pea, lentil and faba bean, while the pulse flours include pea, lentil, faba bean and chickpea.

Satisfy demand for nutritious, delicious foods with HOMECRAFT® Pulse flours

Many food manufacturers are looking to replace wheat flour, add novel flours and use vegetable-based proteins in their formulations to differentiate their products and branch out into new types of foods. Plentiful and sustainably sourced, HOMECRAFT® pulse flours can boost the nutritional profile of your formulations and support popular label claims such as non-GMO, gluten-free, high protein, high fiber and low fat.  Pulse flours contain high quality protein, about twice as much protein as cereal grains and are high in soluble and insoluble dietary fiber and resistant starch. Pulse flours include pea, lentil, faba bean and chickpea.

NEW! Clean-taste pulse ingredients

One of the challenges that product developer’s face when working with plant-based ingredients such as pulses is the natural, beany flavor profile.  In certain applications the inherent flavor profile of pulses is a perfect fit, while in other applications where flavor is delicately balanced, a bland, neutral flavor is preferred. You can now use pulse ingredients in a broader range of applications with our new line of clean-taste pulse ingredients – and still get the nutritional and clean label benefits you want – without having to compromise flavor or sacrifice on taste. 

Plant protein with organic appeal

Add protein and consumer-winning claims with our new high-performance isolate.

Freshness first

Deliver products with just-made appeal. 

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