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Deliver sweet indulgence without all the calories 

More and more consumers are cutting back on sugar — 84% say they have reduced their sugar intakes over the past year.1 Now you can trim calories while maintaining the sweet taste and rich textures your consumers love with noncaloric ASTRAEA® Allulose. 

Developed by the global rare sugars pioneer, ASTRAEA® Allulose tastes and functions like sucrose with almost none of the calories, helping you replace sucrose in your formulations without compromising performance. 

This ingredient solution also has a similar taste profile to sucrose and is 70% as sweet, helping you add sweet appeal to your low-calorie indulgences. 

ASTRAEA® Allulose offers the performance of sucrose while adding only 0.2 calories per gram to your formulations. 

• Replace more sucrose in your low-calorie beverages with this highly soluble ingredient solution while bringing back bulk and enhancing mouthfeel

• Get comparable browning, dough properties and baked volumes as you would with sucrose in your reduced-calorie baked goods 

• Stop crystallization in reduced-calorie, high-solids fruit preps and get the freeze-point depression you need in low-calorie ice creams and frozen dairy desserts along with the mouthfeel consumers prefer 

• Formulate perfectly sweet candies, gummies, chocolate and more with less sucrose 

And, with typical usage levels (2% to 100%), allulose is well-tolerated and has been shown to have no effect on blood glucose levels.2

Ingredion is the exclusive supplier of ASTRAEA® Allulose in the Americas. This ingredient solution was developed by Matsutani, the global rare sugars leader that has spent more than 15 years researching and refining the world’s first rare sugars, including allulose. Matsutani has also done more research on rare sugars than any other supplier in the industry.

With GRAS status from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, this breakthrough ingredient solution, combined with Ingredion’s formulation expertise, can help you create consumer-winning products and get them to market fast.


1. Mintel, Sugar Reduction Trends, 2017

2. U.S. Food and Drug Administration, GRAS #498


“ASTRAEA” is a registered trademark held by Matsutani permitted to be used by Ingredion.

Get sweet appeal without all the sucrose    

Learn more about our noncaloric rare sugar, ASTRAEA® Allulose

FDA Draft Guidance on allulose unlocks opportunities    

Exclusion from total and added sugar values on nutrition labels to enable reduced- and no-sugar claims with ASTRAEA Allulose.    


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