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Meet growing demand for plant-protein-enriched, delicious foods with VITESSENCE® Pulse proteins

Create innovative products rich in protein and consumer appeal — and get them to market fast with expertise and ingredient solutions you can trust. Leverage Ingredion’s capabilities and comprehensive portfolio of plant protein solutions that include pulse concentrates and isolates. Sustainably-sourced, VITESSENCE® Pulse proteins can boost the nutritional profile of your formulations and help you achieve claims such as ‘high protein’ or ‘source of protein.’

Use pulse-based protein alternatives to deliver healthy, great tasting food

Naturally gluten-free and based on plant protein, our pulse proteins can be used to enrich a wide range of new and differentiated products such as baked goods, snacks, cereals, pasta, batters and breadings, and meat substitutes. Perfect for consumers who aim to reduce their meat consumption, pulse proteins provide a good alternative source of protein.

Sustainably sourced from chickpea, faba bean, yellow lentil and yellow pea (commonly known also as broad beans) Ingredion’s wide range of pulse flours, protein concentrates, and protein isolates are suitable for a variety of applications.

  • NUTRITIOUS - highly nutritious, protein-rich plant protein
  • CLEAN LABEL - additive free
  • GLUTEN-FREE - free from gluten
  • NON-GMO - free from GMO’s

Explore our range of VITESSENCE® Pulse proteins

Yellow pea protein concentrate, which consists of 55% protein.

Yellow lentil protein concentrate, which incorporates 55% protein.

Faba bean protein concentrate, which consists of 60% protein.

Pea protein isolate, which consists of 80% protein.

Organic pea protein isolate, which consists of 80% protein.

Plant protein with organic appeal

Add protein and consumer-winning claims with our new high-performance isolate.

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