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Develop plant-based products to help make life better

Easily connect with the combined insights, expertise and ingredient solutions of Ingredion, TIC Gums and Kerr Concentrates to turn your new plant-based eating idea into your next breakthrough product. 


Plant protein, power up. Meet growing consumer demand for products rich in plant protein and consumer appeal with expertise and ingredient solutions you can trust. 


Reduce sugar, add appeal. Sugar reduction presents many challenges  and now the comprehensive solutions you need to create reduced-sugar products quickly with just-right taste, texture and performance are here.    


Create free-from that’s all-in. Give consumers the clean, simple and authentic products — including organic — they want by replacing undesirable ingredients and simplifying labels to be just what’s desired.


Last year, Ingredion entered into a joint venture agreement with Verdient Foods, Inc., a Canadian company. Expansion plans include producing protein concentrates and flours from peas, lentils and faba beans.

Ingredion also purchased a manufacturing facility in South Sioux City, Nebraska in 2018 to produce protein isolates from peas, with expansion plans to include production of isolates from other pulses.

No-sugar-added Marion blackberry iced tea

Idea: Create a reduced sugar beverage while keeping a clean, sugar-like taste.

Solution: Use ENLITEN® Fusion 6400 stevia sweetener to create a targeted, leaf-based sweetness at an optimized cost point. Add Marion Blackberry Juice Concentrate for clean and simple flavor, color and nutrition.

Matcha Instant Protein Shake

TIC Gum’s Ticaloid Ultrasmooth CL targets texture in dairy and non-dairy instant protein beverages. This label-friendly hydrocolloid system suspends and stabilizes protein shakes and meal replacers while also improving mouth coating.

Vegan cheese spread

Idea: Create a vegan cheese spread that contains added protein and that has a more dairy-like eating experience. 

Solution: Add VITESSENCE® Pulse 1803 pea protein isolate to increase protein content and use specific stabilizers to build back texture and stability to create a smooth, refrigerator stable vegan cheese.

Mango lassi coconut non-dairy frozen dessert

Idea: Create a reduced calorie non-dairy frozen dessert with an exceptional eating quality.  

Solution: Formulate with ASTRAEA® Allulose to replace sucrose and reduce the calories in your non-dairy frozen dessert. Pair with TIC Gums Dairyblend Natural IC 21 for freeze/thaw stability, emulsification and mouthfeel.


Plant-Based Cashew Yogurt with black pepper, cashew and faba crisp granola

Idea: Create a plant-based yogurt that delivers five grams of protein, topped with a crunchy granola that packs a nutritional punch. 

Solution: Use TIC Gums Simplistica YG 3206. It leverages faba bean concentrate and stabilizers to optimize protein-fortified vegan yogurts. In the granola, use VITESSENCE® Pulse 3600 faba bean protein to provide protein, fiber and micronutrients for nutritional balance.

Roasted cauliflower hummus dip

Idea: Create a clean label product using simple, consumer preferred ingredients such as flours, that also improves creaminess and stability.

Solution: Use HOMECRAFT® Create 865 multi-functional rice flour to provide superior cold temperature and textural stability with a simple, flour, label. Include HOMECRAFT® Pulse 3103 faba bean flour for plant-based nutrition and texture.    

Organic, vegan, indulgent chocolate protein pudding

Idea: Create an indulgent vegan pudding that’s entirely organic and packed with the power of plant-based protein.

Solution: Use VITESSENCE® Pulse 1803 organic pea protein isolate to provide an organic source of plant-based protein and NOVATION PRIMA® 609 organic functional native corn starch to maintain a simple, organic label to extend the great eating experience even after cold temperature storage.

Gluten-free, green pea snack crackers

Idea: Create a gluten-free cracker with a differentiated texture.

Solution: Use HOMECRAFT® Pulse 6101 green pea flour to provide a gluten-free flour base with “natural” green color and PRECISA® Crisp 320 corn starch to provide the expansion needed to create a light, airy texture.

Vegan Gummies

TICorganic Ticagel GC-553 is an organic solution to stabilize and control syneresis in gummies fortified with nutritional oils. We will be sampling a vegan gummy to showcase an ideal, gelatin-free delivery system for a variety of fortified oils.


Bring plant-based eating into your life with OMD: The Simple, Plant-Based Program to Save Your Health and Save the Planet. Meet author Suzy Amis Cameron and get a signed copy of her book at Ingredion’s booth, 1937. 

Thursday, March 7th from 1:30-3:30* p.m. PST


*while book supplies last


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Experience how custom formulations can enhance the simple goodness of fruit and vegetable juices, purees, concentrates and more.

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