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Extend organic appeal

Even in cold or harsh processing conditions.

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Partner with us and easily tap into the combined insights, expertise and ingredient solutions of Ingredion, TIC Gums and Kerr Concentrates to turn your new big idea into your next breakthrough product. 

Bring your products to life with consumer recognized and accepted ingredients — including organic — to help build label and sensory appeal.

Reduce sugar to create a deliciously sweet and consumer-preferred product or enhance the plant protein content of almost everything you offer.

Consumers are eating with all the senses. Develop repeat-purchase-worthy, affordable, non-GMO products that win fans from label to last bite or sip.

Solutions featured at the Ingredion station...

Organic sweet corn Eloté soup

NOVATION PRIMA® 609 Organic multi-functional native starch
Idea: Create an organic, fresh seasonal cream style soup using clean & simple ingredients
Solution: Using NOVATION® PRIMA 609 organic functional native corn starch to create a creamy, heat stable, freeze/thaw stable, clean & simple seasonal cream style soup.

Vanilla coconut orange blossom custard

HOMECRAFT Create 365 Multi-functional tapioca flour
Idea: Create a clean & simple custard formula that uses “all-natural” ingredients for texture & replaces 50% of the egg yolks resulting in overall reduction in fat & cholesterol
Solution: Using HOMECRAFT® CREATE 365 multi-functional tapioca flour to create a creamy, reduced fat & cholesterol clean & simple custard

Low Sugar Spiced caramel sauce

VERSASWEET™ 1524 Low-sugar glucose syrup
Idea: Create a decadent spiced caramel sauce with simple ingredients that consumers would recognize.
Solution: Smooth, creamy pourable texture with the addition of VERSASWEET™ 1524 Low-Sugar Glucose Syrup to create a thick caramel sauce.

No-suagr-added berry iced tea lemonade

Enliten Fusion 9200 Stevia Sweetener
Idea: No-Sugar-Added ice tea lemonade.
Solution: Leaf-based Enliten Fusion 9200 Stevia Sweetener

Vegan Shitake ramen broth

HOMECRAFT® Create 365 Multi-functional tapioca flour
Idea: Create a clean & simple broth formula that uses all-natural ingredients for texture & clarity
Solution: Using HOMECRAFT® CREATE 365 multi-functional tapioca flour to create a clear, silky broth for ramen bowl

High protein toasted rye ramen noodles

VITESSENCE™ PULSE CT 3602 faba bean protein
Idea: Utilize the power of pulses to develop a nutritionally enhanced ramen noodle with excellent eating quality and flavor
Solution: Using VITESSENCE™ PULSE CT 3602 faba bean protein to enhance the protein content per serving and provides texture and strength to the noodle.

Vegan “Chicago" style dog (meat alternative sausage)

VITESSENCE™ Pulse CT 3602 faba bean protein (emulsification)
Idea: Utilize the power of pulses to develop a vegan alternative sausage with excellent eating quality and flavor
Solution: Using the portfolio of VITESSENCE™ PULSE proteins to meet nutritional and texture targets, powered by plant proteins.

Protein enhanced poppy seed buns

VITESSENCE Pulse 1803 Pea protein isolate
Idea: Nutritionally enhanced hot dog bun with excellent eating quality and flavor, powered by plant proteins.
Using the portfolio of VITESSENCE™ PULSE proteins to meet nutritional and texture targets.

Pickled cucumber & bell pepper relish

VERSASWEET™1524 low-sugar glucose syrup
Idea: Reduce the ‘added sugar’ content of your products
Solution: Utilizing VERSASWEET™ low-sugar glucose syrup to create simple formulas with reduced ‘added sugar’ content while maintaining texture, flavor sweetness and overall eating quality.

Black sesame chewy candy bites

Idea: Create a chewy candy bite using global flavor and texture for a new sensory experience
Solution: Using a solution combining BESTEVIA® Reb M Stevia leaf sweetener, NUTRAFLORA® L95 liquid scFOS®  and Ticaxan® 200-NGMO Xanthan gum, to create a delicious sesame seed candy chew without the use of refined sugars and with enhanced nutritional benefit.

Solutions featured at the TIC Gums station...

Vanilla coconut milk vegan yogurt

TIC Gums Simplistica™ YG 3206
Idea: Create a vegan yogurt with the mouthfeel of traditional dairy yogurt
Solution: Use Simplistica™ YG 3206 to create a non dairy yogurt with the mouthfeel and protein content of a dairy-containing counterpart.

Black raspberry flavored water

TIC Gums Simplistica BV 0358
Idea: Reduce sugar in a beverage while maintaining sweetness and mouthfeel
Solution: Use Simplistica™ BV 0358 to create a flavored water with 50% less sugar with the same sensory experience as a full sugar beverage.

Vegan vanilla cake flavored ready-to-drink protein beverage

TIC Gums SimplisticaTM BV 1325
Idea: Develop a great tasting, RTD vegan protein beverage with an easy-to-use system that provides texture, stability and protein
Solution: Use Simplistica™ BV 1325 to create a vegan protein beverage that is already optimized for texture, stability and 20g of protein per serving

Solutions featured at the Kerr station...

Pumpkin Jicama Curry Ice Cream

Pumpkin juice concentrate
Jicama juice concentrate
GLOBE® 62 DE non-GMO  glucose syrup

Idea: Create a uniquely flavored, globally inspired dessert concept containing vegetable ingredients
Solution: Unique formulation of Pumpkin Juice Concentrate to strengthen flavor and color with Jicama Juice Concentrate to improve sweetness profile in a delightfully tasty ice cream.

Cherry Beet Jicama Sparkler

Red Sour Cherry Juice Concentrate
Beet juice concentrate

Idea: Create a flavorful, colorful, all natural sparkling water with vegetable ingredients.
Solution: No-sugar-added sparkling water featuring cherry and red beet juice concentrates with jicama juice concentrate for increased sweetness profile, in a 100% natural formulation.


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