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The ingredients and skills to help replace/reduce costly ingredients to save money


At Ingredion, we believe food and beverage formulations should be optimized for value in every consumer experience. That's why our teams of applications and processing specialists are always developing new and better ways to cut your ingredient, formulation and production costs, so your customers won't notice a difference and will keep coming back for more.


Our DIAL-IN® Sweetness and Texture Technologies and ingredients bring added value to your product lines:

  • Dairy (from dairy-based sauces and beverages to yogurt and sour cream)

  • Savory (from refrigerated and frozen ready meals to soups, sauces and dressings)

  • Beverage (from new-age beverages to fruit drinks and sodas to clear and alcoholic beverages)

  • Confections (from gummies to fruit chews)

  • Bakery (white cakes, angle food cakes, muffins, gluten free)

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