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PRECISA® 604 modified potato starch

Get better gelling, melting and stretching – for less

What if you could have the perfect mouthful of melted cheese on your burger? Or invoke envy over your slice of cheese pizza? Now you can pile on consumer appeal with better gelling, superior melting and improved stretching in your processed and imitation cheese products with PRECISA® 604 modified potato starch. And not only can you create high-performing products – you can realize significant savings along the way.

Manufactured in the United States, PRECISA® 604 modified potato starch helps you optimize usage levels of milk protein in your formulations over similarly priced solutions, while delivering superior functionality. It can help you deliver better firmness, stretch and melt than existing starch solutions, and lets you forecast production costs more easily.

Get started on providing a great eating experience in processed and imitation pizza cheeses, cheese blocks and slices, and even vegan and dairy free cheese products.

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For great firmness, melt and stretch for less – choose PRECISA® 604 modified potato starch.

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