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PENPLUS® 2140 - 12150405

PenPlus® 2140  pregelatinized modified potato starch is white in   color and odor free. It provides a smooth, creamy and slightly grainy texture   that is desirable in savory sauce applications. Its bland flavor will not   mask or interfere with other flavoring ingredients. It provides excellent   freeze/thaw stability in food formulations containing high levels of sugar.   PenPlus® 2140 is stable at low pH conditions and under shear.

Technical Documents
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Allergen PDF 82 KB
Batch Code PDF 61 KB
Country of Origin Statement PDF 311 KB
GFSI Certificate PDF 41 KB
GFSI Certificate PDF 396 KB
GMO Status PDF 57 KB
Gluten Statement PDF 77 KB
Halal PDF 1 MB
Halal PDF 1 MB
Ingredient Statement PDF 33 KB
Kosher PDF 152 KB
Label Images PDF 787 KB
Technical Specification PDF 86 KB
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