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NOVATION® 4600 functional native starch

NOVATION® 4600 functional native starch is a cold water swelling (CWS) waxy corn starch which provides the properties of premium instant starches. It possesses superior sheen, clarity and smoothness when compared to traditional pregelatinized starch dispersions. NOVATION® 4600 functional native starch is made by a revolutionary technology that results in properties similar to modified CWS starches while meeting clean labeling criteria. 

This product is produced under Ingredion Incorporated’s TRUETRACE® Identity Preserved Program for non-GM products
Technical Documents
Document Type Format Size
Allergen PDF 81 KB
Batch Code PDF 70 KB
Country of Origin Statement PDF 305 KB
GFSI Certificate PDF 627 KB
GFSI Certificate PDF 222 KB
GMO Status PDF 80 KB
Gluten Statement PDF 77 KB
Halal PDF 290 KB
ISO 9001 Certificate PDF 156 KB
Ingredient Statement PDF 37 KB
Kosher PDF 124 KB
Label Images PDF 95 KB
Technical Specification PDF 74 KB
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