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Make meat the way it’s meant to be

You want to deliver the flavor and texture consumers love in meat—with all the functional, nutritional and labeling benefits that will make your products stand out. You don’t have to compromise—and neither do consumers. When you work with us, you can replace fat and improve yield, texture, cold temperature stability and shelf life in your meat, fish and poultry products. Explore our broad range of starches and hydrocolloid-based solutions to address these needs while providing tender, juicy and delicious meat and meat analogues. Work with us to:

  • Improve texture: Enhance your meat products’ natural texture with our line of potato starches.
  • Increase yield: You can significantly improve product yields by using our PENBIND® and PENCLING® starches. And you can replace fat and improve nutritional value with PENGEL® modified potato starch fat mimetic—all while focusing on high product quality and a satisfying eating experience.
  • Remove phosphates, simply: “No additives/preservatives” labeling is one of the strongest consumer draws in meats and poultry. With NOVATION® functional native starches and PENPURE® native starches, you can remove phosphates and deliver higher yields and succulence—all with simple ingredients supporting a clean label.

When it comes to meats, from tumbled and injected meats to formed and emulsified meat applications, look to us for the innovative solutions you need.    

Get juicier products with no flavor interference with our unique starches designed for injection and tumbled meat marinades. Plus, your products will have better storage stability and hold up to many freeze/thaw cycles while maintaining their juicy bite.

Improve the firmness and the chew of your meat while maintaining great flavor. You'll get a product that has a longer shelf life and tastes perfectly juicy and flavorful.

Use our starches in ground and formed meat to help increase yields without affecting flavor. You can also reduce fat while maintaining the meaty taste, structure and texture consumers want.

Clean up your chicken

Increase succulence and yield without phosphates and modified starches. 

Clean up your labels

Keep labels clean and consumers happy with our specialty ingredients. 

Improve nutritional value

Try PENGEL® 8 fat mimetic, a fully hydrated modified potato starch gel, to reduce fat in your meats. 

PRECISA® carrageenan solutions

Achieve custom textures sustainably and create unique eating experiences.

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