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Functional flours with wholesome appeal

More and more, consumers are looking for ingredients they recognize—and it doesn’t get much more recognizable than flours. With our broad portfolio of functional flours made from plants such as rice, tapioca, corn and pulses, you can maintain all the nutritional benefits, flavors and other qualities crucial to the success of your products while offering the simple labels consumers prefer.

Our HOMECRAFT® functional fours, for example, give a natural, rich and luxurious appearance, indulgent, smooth texture and authentic favor to prepared foods. They also improve processing time and consistency—all while supporting consumer-friendly labels.

What’s more, our functional flours allow you to create products that align with other emerging market trends such as fiber- and protein-rich, non-GMO and gluten-free foods. Whatever your application, our functional flours and innovation expertise can enable you to develop and launch comforting, home-style foods .

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