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Opportunities in eating styles


The texture experts at Ingredion Idea Labs™ innovation centers look at the consumer eating preferences through the lens of consumer mouth behaviors, defined by industry-leading proprietary research. Through this research, we know that a distinctive crunch means “fresh” to a Cruncher, and decadent creaminess feels like “comfort” to a Smoosher.


Working with our team, you will use insights like these to target your products and line extensions exactly the way your consumers prefer to eat.

You will also find new keys to personalize the experience of consuming your brand. Using our extensive consumer research, we might analyze a “day in the life” of your target consumers, identifying such things as what food or beverage experience they wake up thinking about.

We uncover opportunities for innovation at every stage of our problem-solving journey with you.

Through our focus on applied research, we are pushing the boundaries of ingredient science, revealing the true potential of ingredients in your formulations. While we are designing new ingredients, we keep your consumer constantly in mind, taking every step to ensure the long-term success and integrity of your product. That’s the key to the crunchy, crispy, soft or creamy eating experience that will build preference and loyalty for your brand.

Consumer texture preferences

Did you know that everyone has a specific eating style? Here is how Americans, for example, can be classified by their eating styles:

* Percentages represent the number of U.S. consumers surveyed who identified with a particular eating style. From Food Texture Design and Optimization, edited by Yadunandan Lal Dar and Joseph M. Light, published online April 11, 2014.

Know consumers better

Our CONSUMER-CENTRICITY™ design approach ensures that texture comes to life in products tailored to your consumers’ deep-seated wants and unexpressed needs.

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