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BREAK THROUGH with ingredients that inspire.

By partnering with Ingredion, you can do more than just imagine creating new or improved products that set you apart in the marketplace.


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Can rice give flour more power?

Yes! Try our HOMECRAFT® Create multi-functional rice flours.

Can stevia turn over a new leaf?

Meet the breakthrough BESTEVIA™ Reb M stevia leaf sweetener.

Can a Qualified Health Claim set your brand apart?

HI-MAIZE® resistant starch

Can crunch be customized?

Create signature baked snacks with PRECISA® Crisp texturizers

Highlights from our stations...

Clean & Simple innovation

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Dip into clean label simplicity

With our NOVATION PRIMA® 340 functional native starch

Creamy texture & heat stable?

Try our HOMECRAFT® Create multi-functional rice flours.

Simply sweeten

Add sweetness to sauces with a non-GMO tapioca syrup.

Clean thickening

Create an indulgent mouthfeel with instant thickening properties.

Natural sweetness & texture

Build flavor, texture & sweetness with Kerr concentrates.

Health and Nutrition innovation

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High fiber with improved texture

Enhance nutrition with our VERSAFIBE™ dietary fiber.

Power-up chocolate

Add nutritional value with a clean-taste VITESSENCE™ Pulse protein.

Reduce added sugar

Lower ‘added sugar’ with reduced sugar corn syrup.

Enhance nutrition

Add nutritional value and texture with HI-MAIZE® resistant starch.

Sensory Experience innovation

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Replace soy

Create texture and more with HOMECRAFT® Pulse flour.

Thicken and disperse - instantly

With our NOVATION PRIMA® 350 functional native starch.

For great texture, pick potato

Add texture & freeze/thaw stability with a potato-based starch.

Can crunch be customized?

Create signature baked snacks with PRECISA® Crisp texturizers.

We are here to help

Contact our Ingredion team of experts to help you breakthrough to better and for more details on our IFT17 prototype formulations.

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Check the number on your orange gaming ticket to see if you are a winner of an Apple watch! Winning numbers were 100280, 100853 and 998660. Send us a direct message through our Twitter handle @ingredionus to claim your prize.

Clean-taste wins!

Clean-taste pulses win IFT17 Food Innovation Award.

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Bring expected, accepted and authentic ingredients to life in appealing new ways.

Provide substantiated health benefits in consumer-preferred products geared to every stage of life.

Create compelling eating and drinking experiences that build emotional connections to your brand.

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